Unemployed again, just can’t wait to get employed again…

IMG_4249This state of being does tend to coincide with being on the road again, so I think the reference works out.

My last day of work as Program Assistant to the UW DGH Global Medicines Program was day before yesterday (though not really – I have this nasty habit of carrying on contributing to projects after I leave a position). The Center for AIDS Research position fell through, but at least they put me on the short list before sending the rejection email. I’ll put that in the +1 column for using interviews to advocate for my ability to learn new skills.

Jobs I’ve applied for so far:

  • Job in Nepal managing a street dog welfare organization. I didn’t get the job (a) because I don’t think I did very well in the Skype interview (no sleep the night before, too excited at the thought of returning to Nepal) and (b) because I think they gave the position to a former volunteer, which makes sense. I love Nepal and working with animals, so I decided to apply thinking of this as dog public health. Also, canine and human health can intertwine, e.g. these two articles describing an intervention of de-worming dogs that protected humans against a skin disease at a festival in Sri Lanka: Kannathasan et al (2012) and Kannathasan et al (2013). Aren’t open access articles the best?
  • Front-office positions at medical offices in Portland. I have applied to at least 6, and I only got one interview. It is tough to break into a front office position when my last receptionist-related position was as a restaurant hostess six years ago. I would like to gain some more direct service experience, preferably with a back office component, but front office would do. I thought the phone interview went really well, but I didn’t get a request for a second, in-person interview. No idea what happened. Otherwise, I got no responses to my applications.
  • UCSF Project Coordinator position. I applied online and never received any word. This isn’t too surprising, given how difficult it is to get positions via formal application processes.
  • UW Research Study Assistant position and the CFAR Program Operations Assistant position. I applied via the internal job listings site for the Research Assistant position in internal medicine, and I never heard back. I’ve laid out elsewhere how I applied for the CFAR position, which as you know, I did not get. At least I got another interview/informal chat in for practice!
  • Maybe others. I’m losing track.

My strategy moving forward:

  • Network. I’m going to Reed’s working weekend Feb 8-9, where I currently have set up a time to speak with an alumnus who does awesome emergency response work. This is probably more of an opportunity to get advice on working in emergency preparedness and response, but you never know where such conversations will take you. I’m also working on setting up some other meet-ups over the weekend. Similarly, I am meeting with the genetic counseling group at UW on Wednesday to learn more about that field – should be neat, and it is a great opportunity to meet people. I have also been putting job wanted posts on Facebook, Reed’s networking site, and this very blog (as you know). This has had some success, such as being connected to a friend’s friend who does emergency management in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Updated my LinkedIn profile. I changed the headline and summary to reflect my job-hunting mode.
  • Search for jobs on idealist.org, LinkedIn, aftercollege.com, craigslist.org, and individual company websites (Providence Hospitals,  Legacy Hospitals, UCSF, OHSU, etc).
  • Re-organize and re-write resume for medical office positions, since clearly the one I had was not working. I am also re-organizing and re-writing all my other position-specific resumes. In addition, I used to submit resumes to online sites in PDF format, but apparently the computer search programs screening resumes don’t recognize PDF characters. Thus, I will be submitting Word resumes to such sites from now on.

We’ll find out soon enough if any of this works!

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