Theory learning. Skills building. Networking. Interviewing. And of course, resume writing. These things haunt my soul.

As someone who graduated with a B.A. in International and Comparative Policy Studies from Reed College in 2013, I have found myself joining the ranks of recent liberal arts grads trying to enter their dream fields. Mine is public health. I love it. Let’s talk antimicrobial resistance. Let’s talk emergency preparedness and response. Let’s talk domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy. Let’s talk education, policy making, research, event organization, program management, and health services provision.

I want to do it all. I want to be of service to humanity. Public health is perfect – let’s go protect health at mass gatherings, develop physician payment structures to dis-incentivize overprescription of antibiotics, provide healthcare in combat zones and humanitarian crises, train organization members in how to maintain resilience in the face of disaster, work with communities to find effective interventions to fight communicable diseases, and take on whatever else the world throws at us.

Now: how to convince a recruiter, an executive director, a hiring manager in 3 pages – a cover letter and a 2 page resume – that I am excited and capable of contributing to this work? That is the question of the hour. This blog chronicles my path into career.

I hope the lessons I learn can help you, motivate you, or at least entertain you.


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